VoV 068: Design Systems & CSS with Miriam Suzanne

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  • Chris Fritz
  • Ben Hong

Joined by Special Guest: Miriam Suzanne


Miriam Suzanne starts by explaining design systems and design tooling, how they differ and the problems they solve. The panel considers how design systems help teams communicate. Miriam shares tools that make design systems easier. The panel discusses different aspects of design. Miriam explains the advantages and disadvantages of using CSS-in-JS, and why she uses CSS with Vue. The panel discusses Miriam's VueConf talk “Dynamic CSS with Vue”. Miriam explains what her vue applications look like and shares advice for organizing CSS in Vue. She shares the top three CSS features that are the most underutilized.



Chris Fritz:

  • Get some sleep

Ben Hong:

  • Taipei, Taiwan

Miriam Suzanne:

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