VoV 074: My Vue from Nigeria with Nosa Obaseki



  • Ben Hong

  • Erik Hanchett

Joined by Special Guest: Nosa Obaseki


Nosa Obaseki joins the panel to share his story and his experience learning Vue in Nigeria. He shares how he got started in Vue and the resources he used. The panel praises the Vue documentation and shares their experiences of learning from them. The panel compares the methods for debugging including the use of stack overflow and google. Nosa shares his experience with the next step he took in learning Vue, taking on a project. 


The panel asks Nosa about concepts he found difficult to grasp, these include structuring, state management and wen to use actions and mutations. This topic leads the panel to discuss the upcoming release of Vue.js 3.0 and the addition of the function API. The panel considers whether or not Vue 3.0 will break Vue and what problems it may solve. The topic turns to conferences and whether or not Ben Hong will include function API’s in his workshop at Vue Toronto. Nosa shares his experience at Vueconf US and compares it to conferences he attended in Nigeria. The Nigerian Vue community and what the challenges he faced in his journey to becoming a developer. Concatenate and its mission is discussed. Ben Hong invites everyone to support this conference. 



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