VoV 076: Typescript Tell All with Jack Koppa



  • Chris Fritz

  • Ben Hong

  • Ari Clark

Joined by Special Guest: Jack Koppa


Jack Koppa, a frontend developer at Politico, joins the panel to discuss the adoption of Typescript at Politico. Having a background in Angular, React and Vue, Jack compares the onboarding process for all 3 frameworks. Jack Koppa explains why Politico decided to switch to Typescript and shares his experiences during the change. The panel discusses the reactions of the other developers at Politico and Jack explains the learning curve and eventual acceptance of Typescript among the Politico developers.

Typescript can solve many problems and the panel expounds on those while also addressing the drawbacks of using Typescript. While Typescript has a learning curve, can take up time to write and the need to be meticulous is very high, Typescript also adds type security, finding typos and mistakes, and provides clarity to the team and consistency for the front and back ends. Ari expresses her desire to use Typescript in a current project at Liquid and the panel gives her advice on the best way of bringing in Typescript late into a project. At the end of this episode, Chris Fritz explains what it means for Vue developers since Vue 3.0 will be written in Typescript. 



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