VoV 088: Switching From Native iOS to Vue with Christian Kienle

In this episode of Views on Vue Elizabeth Fine interviews Christian Kienle about his switch from native iOS development to Vue development. Chris starts by sharing his history as a developer and why he started using Vue. He shares his fascinating story. He nearly died which turned his life upside down. After going on a cruise that brought him back to his life, Chris wanted to build a cruise app. This made him looking into making a web app this all brought him to Vue. 

Chris explains why he chose Vue. He didn’t know anything about web development and was very impressed by Vue’s description.  Elizabeth asks Chris about learning Vue. Chris explains that he soaked up the knowledge in the Vue docs like a sponge. He tells Elizabeth what he loves about Vue.

Elizabeth asks Chris about his yearly code retrospection. Chris explains that every year he looks back at the code he wrote that year to see the progress he has made. They consider the benefits of this practice and Chris shares what it was like looking over his first year of using Vue. 

Chris shares a project, MiniPress. He was impressed with VuePress and wanted to know how it worked. It took him a few months and a lot of research but he was able to build this mini version of VuePress. He and Elizabeth consider what he learned and the value of this learning method. Chris works for SAP. He and Elizabeth discuss the SAP component library and compare how their teams approach the libraries for both of their companies.


  • Elizabeth Fine


  • Christian Kienle


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