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In this episode of Views on Vue the new panel is introduced. Lindsay Wardell is a full-stack developer from Portland, Oregon. Steve Edwards was in tech support for 20 years and is a self-taught programmer who is now working full time in Vue. Devlin was a registered nurse, who studied development by night. Charles Max Wood, CEO of Devchat.tv, got a degree from BYU and has been in development and podcasting for about 13 years.

Each of the panelists shares what they are using Vue for, work and personal projects. The panel gives Charles advice on his project. They give recommendations for learning Vue and consider how simple Vue is compared to other more intimidating languages. They share their preferred learning mediums and styles, giving advice for those still discovering how they learn. They also discuss their preferred methods for writing code and preferred text editors.


  • Charles Max Wood
  • Steve Edwards
  • Lindsay Wardell
  • Devlin Duldulao


  • Sentry– use the code “devchat” for two months free on Sentry’s small plan
  • CacheFly


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Charles Max Wood:

Steve Edwards:

Lindsay Wardell:

Devlin Duldulao:


How do you find your learning style?

Give each learning style a good solid try.

What is the problem with books as a learning source?

They quickly become out of date.

Who does the panel recommend as a learning resource for Vue?

Maximilian Schwarzmüller at Udemy.com

What is the panels preferred text editor?

Most of the time the panel prefers vscode.

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