Welcome to Your "Top End Dev" Journey

Our mission at Devchat.tv is to provide you the content and listening experience that guides you to becoming a Top End Dev on your team, in your community, and across the world of programming.

Let our expert hosts guide you into becoming a leader in your technical space and build the skills necessary for you to thrive on your teams, in your jobs, and throughout your career.

Our Shows

Our shows provide you the skills to become a Top End Dev in the areas they focus on. Come listen to our Experts guide your adventure.

JavaScript Jabber

Hosted ByAJ ONeal, Aimee Knight, Charles Max Wood, Dan Shappir, Steve Edwards

JavaScript Jabber is a challenge to become a top JavaScript developer. Each week our expert panel and our guests discuss the things that JavaScript developers need to know to stay current and level up.

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Ruby Rogues

Hosted ByCharles Max Wood, Dave Kimura, John Epperson, Luke Stutters

Ruby Rogues is a weekly call to level up your Ruby programming skills. Whether you use Ruby on Rails or Ruby in some other capacity, the Rogues dive into the things you need to know to be a Rubyist at the top of your game.

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Adventures in Angular

Hosted ByCharles Max Wood, Shai Reznik

Adventures in Angular is a weekly excursion into the world of Angular and front-end development. Our expert panel guides you through the ins and outs of writing Angular applications and how to build a career as a top Angular developer.

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Adventures in Machine Learning

Hosted ByCharles Max Wood

Seasoned pro or complete beginner, everyone can join our weekly Adventures in Machine Learning podcast. We're covering all the breakthroughs, influencers, and resources of Machine Learning with our venturesome AI panel and guests. We discuss advanced concepts in plain English. This is the AI podcast you've been looking for.

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Adventures in .NET

Hosted ByCaleb Wells, Joel Schaubert, Shawn Clabough, Wai Ho Liu

Every week a panel of experts in .NET and related technologies sit down with developers from the community to talk about all things .NET related.

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Adventures in DevOps

Hosted ByCharles Max Wood, Jeffrey Groman

Our expert DevOps engineers on an adventure through the people, processes, and technologies that make up the DevOps movement. Allow us to be your guides into the next level of DevOps learning.

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Who We Are

Devchat.tv started out as “shows about code” with Ruby Rogues and JavaScript Jabber. In 2020 and 2021, our founder, Charles Max Wood revised our mission to include building Top End Devs.

Top End Devs are the developers on a software team that are consistently working to build their technical knowledge and skills and advance the craft of software development wherever they are.

Some of them are highly visible, speaking at conferences, on podcasts, and other media–Dev Influencers. Others lift where they stand in the offices of small and large companies around the world building high quality software that enables our world to move forward.

We are the people out front pushing you to push onward.