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Adventures in Angular Episodes

AiA 240: RxJS and Observable Forms in Angular with Sander Elias

In this episode of Adventures in Angular, the panel talks to Sander Elias, Senior Principal Engineer at HeroDevs from Netherlands. Sander is also an Angular Google GDE.

AiA 239: Live at ng-conf 2019

This episode of Adventures in Angular comes to you live from ng-conf 2019. At the beginning, Niall Crosby, CEO at ag-Grid, talks about how he started the company and what they work on. The panel then speaks to a number of guests at the conference, including the volunteers, organizers and attendees and have interesting conversations about the work they do, what made them come to the conference and what do they like most about it.

AiA 238: Angular State w/ NgRx with Mike Ryan

In this fun episode, Mike Ryan introduces NgRX and gives the backstory of his getting involved with the NgRx Core Team. The panel discusses use cases where using NgRx is the best choice. Shai Reznik wonders where the cult-like loyalty to NgRx comes from.

AiA 237: More on RxJS with Deborah Kurata

Deborah Kurata talks about the benefits of using a reactive approach to developing with RxJS. She explains how to use RxJS to program reactively and shares her vision of patterns everywhere to make reactive programming easier.  Shai Reznik asks a lot of great questions about switching to this approach and takes the stance of a new or student developer.

AiA 236: Getting Deeper into then CLI with Dave Müllerchen

Dave Mullerchen is a freelancer from Germany and does a lot of Angular workshops. Mike Brocco works for Ultimate Software and works with Stencil to provide framework agnostic web components as a design language system. Today the panel is discussing the Angular CLI.

AiA 235: Functional Programming with Angular, NgRx with Raul Jimenez

Raul Jimenez, the CEO of Byte Default, answers the panels many questions on functional programming with NgRx. In this playful interview, Raul defines functional programming and what it is trying to solve. The panel discusses side effects using a Spiderman analogy. Raul shares the benefits of switching to and when to use NgRx.

AiA 234: Control Value Accessors on Reactive Forms with Jennifer Wadella

In this episode of Adventures in Angular, the panel speaks with Jennifer Wadella, founder of Kansas City Women in Technology and JavaScript Developer at Bitovi. Jennifer is also an international speaker and a kombucha brewer.

AiA 233: Getting Serious with Schematics with Tomas Trajan

In this episode of Adventures in Angular, the panel speaks with Tomas Trajan, software developer and Google Developer Expert for Angular from Zurich, Switzerland. Tomas explains what Angular Schematics is and how it simplifies a developer’s life. He goes through cases where Angular Schematics would be great to use.

AiA 232: The Seinfeld Episode

Joe Eames introduces a fun panel only show, “The Show about Nothing”. The panel starts by sharing podcast behaviors that bother the members of the panel. Between anecdotes and humor, the panel shares what they are looking for in a guest to their podcasts. The panel engages in a playful debate about the pronunciation of “angular”. Shai Reznik introduces the more serious topic of state management. The jokes continue as the panel discusses the best way to handle state management and change detection.

AiA 231: Why Angular Developers Should Learn RxJS

Aaron Frost introduces a RxJS as a trend that is also a fundamental for angular. Aaron Frost  shares his experience at ng-conf where the community was polled, and the topic most people wanted to learn was RxJS. Charles Max Wood brings up a previous podcast where Ward Bell predicts this trend, sharing the opinion that angular developers must know RxJS to be successful.

AiA 230: Smart 404 Pages with Vitalii Bobrov

The panel interviews Vitalii Bobrov, who recently wrote an article on his blog called “Angular Smart 404 pages”. It is about the Levenshtein distance algorithm and it's uses and implications in working with 404 pages. Vitalii Bobrov explains what a 404 page is and how it is often times due to typos on the users part.

AiA 229: Deploying to Firebase with CircleCI with Andrew Evans

Charles Wood, Alyssa Nicoll, and Joe Eames discuss guest speaker, Andrew Evans’s article on “How to Deploy to Firebase”.  The article discusses how Continuous Integration and Delivery (CircleCI) and Firebase serve as alternatives to older pipeline technologies such as Jenkins and AWS. Andrew Evans talks about the versatility of Firebase CLI utility and its use as a platform for younger developers with little experience on CI/CD or any type of cloud deployment.

AiA 228: Issues with the Title, Frontend Web Developer

This weeks panel, Charles Wood, Alyssa Nicholl, and Joe Eames discuss 2 articles: 1st The Great Divide by Chris Coyier and 2nd Tales of a Non-Unicorn by Laura Schenk. These articles tell of the broad meaning for “Front-End Web Developer” talking of how “HTML + CSS along with JavaScript” all fall under the same title causing confusion with job interviews and even once a developer gets into the job.

AiA 227: Source Maps in Angular with Kevin Kreuzer

In this episode of Adventures in Angular, the panelists talk with Kevin Kreuzer on source maps. Kevin is a freelance Software Engineer from Switzerland and currently is a part of the frontend architectural team for a company called Schaltstelle. He also regularly writes blog posts on Angular topics, contributes to opensource projects and is the co-founder of a startup – Trasier.

AiA 226: Ionic with Mike Hartington

In this episode of Adventures in Angular, the panelists talk with Mike Hartington, who is a Developer Advocate at Ionic. They talk in depth about the recently released version of Ionic, future projects the Ionic team is working on and what’s out there for Angular developers.

AiA 225: Data and Page Content Refresh Patterns in Angular with Eyas Sharaiha

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AiA 224: The Irrational Demonization of Two-Way Data-Binding in Angular with Ben Nadel

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AiA 223: Angular Ivy, React Fiber and Digging Into Frameworks’ Source Code with Netta...

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AiA 222: 10 Lessons Learned in Enterprise Angular Development with Chaz Gatian

Chaz Gatian joins the show to discuss his blog post, “10 Lessons Learned in Enterprise Angular Development”. He starts by defining enterprise and the panel dives into the first point of his blog post about not making boneheaded mistakes. Next, the panel discusses utilizing view components and compare the ways they organize their code.

AiA 221: Angular Schematics from the Ground Up with Brian Love & Kevin Schuchard

In this episode, the panelist talk with today’s special guests Brian Love & Kevin Schuchard! Brian and Kevin work at BrieBug – check out their employee profiles here! The panelist and guests talk about schematics, Angular, AST, and much more!